Stockport Powder Coating Ltd. 

We have a coating for every purpose & every surface.....

Regardless of the size or complexity of your job, we will provide a suitable, cost effective solution with  a quick turnaround.

Powder Coating in Stockport & Manchester

At our Stockport Unit, Stockport Powder Coating Ltd offer cycle frame powder coating, frame powder coating, Motor bikes Powder Coated, wheels powder coating, alloy powder coating. We Powder Coat pretty much everything & anything Metal.

For powder coating we understand specification driven finishes and can work to your specifications. For hobbiest or persons needing bike powder coating, we understand your needs as well and can get your job done with both minimal hassle and cost.

At our Stockport Unit we also offer Welding and we are equipped for all types of metalworks. We also offer shot blasting using the latest shot blasting technologies.

Powder Coating Costs?

The cost to Powder Coating an object, car or wheel will depend on how many hours it will take and the size of a job and the location of the job in question.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is what is called a complete dry finishing process more often then not used on a wide range of materials and products. Powder coating is finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electro-statically charged and sprayed on to products to be coated. These parts are electrically ground so the charged particles stick to them until melted and fused into a solid coating in an oven. Amazing really.

Today's you can see many different types of parts and kind of products powder coated. Examples for home appliances are dryer drums, refrigerator liners and in hospitals you can see hospital beds, metal furniture, electrical cabinets, lighting fixtures, and in factory and farms power saws, farm implements, wheels and bicycle frames.

How to powder coating?

The powder coating process involves three basic steps firstly part preparation or pre-treatment as its called then the powder application by using a powder gun, the powder coating gun the most common way of applying this powder coating to metal objects is to spray the powder using an electrostatic gun, and then the curing which is when a thermoset powder is exposed to elevated temperature, it begins to melt, flows out, and then chemically reacts to form a higher molecular weight polymer in a network-like structure.

Why Powder Coating?

All in all a powder coat will not only look like paint but acts like armour. Powder coating is tough, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Powder coating is a cleaner coating that provides a superior finish to any other finishing processes.

Overall powder coating is resistant to corrosion, heat, abrasion and even fading from sunlight. Powder coating provides an excellent, economic one coat finish with no runs, drips, or sags. Powder coating is environmentally friendly with virtually no emissions and no solvents. Things to remember are Powder coating is between 4 to 10 times thicker than traditional liquid spray paint and can withstand bending without cracking or flaking.

Powder Coating Colours?

We use both RAL (European Colours Standard) Colours and BS-381C paint colours so you can choose a colour from the RAL colour chart a colour from the selection of colours offered by the BS-381C paint colours charts for your powder coating colour.